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Jumeirah English Speaking School, Dubai

J&C Joel improved the usability of Jumeriah English Speaking School, Dubai’s, main hall by undertaking a complete installation of perimeter curtains and tracking.

The is one of the UAE’s premier English speaking schools, teaching a British curriculum over 700 children. Its main hall is a multi-purpose space that hosts a wide range of activities, performances and events.

Perimeter curtains made from self-lined marine Velvet Velour (VEL010) were attached to timber batons fixed to the hall’s walls. These curtains were manufactured specifically to accommodate doorways, air conditioning vents and other wall features. Upon the perimeter curtains over the hall’s glass doors the school’s logo was depicted in an intricate appliqué done in silver Stage Satin (SS001).

Curtains manufactured from the same self-lined Velvet Velour can be used to section part of the hall off as required and are suspended from bi-parting ‘U’ shaped motorised E Rail. This allows the curtains to act as a full room partition when closed, to be opened part way to form a fabric proscenium for performances and events and to be opened completely so they can be stowed in the corners of the room when not required.

Walkalong 2Way curtain tracks support curtains that can be deployed as a further hall partition and mask the glass doors and gym equipment within the hall respectively.

A sky blue Sharkstooth Gauze (ST003) ‘ceiling’ was fixed above the hall, manufactured with custom cut-outs for suspended lighting bars, speaker systems and the hall’s projector. A motorised projection screen roller banner was also installed at the performance end of the hall.

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